La-La Land's - Profile page 2 Months

Posted :9/23/2008

Woo Hooo! Hair is starting to come in and I'm nearing my THIRD haircut where I will finally get rid of the "horseshoe cover up".I know it's early yet but since week 5 I've been seeing little stubble growing in. As you'll see in the close up it's probably only 10-20% of the total hair transplanted but it's a START!  

Wet - interior light

Dry w/ Daylight

STUBBLE - Not the greatest shot (I did it myself, handheld) The slightly longer stubble is the stuff that started 3 weeks ago, but you can also see some new stubble here and there. (This shot is at the hairline. (so it's slightly less dense but easier to see at closeup)

Dry with interior lighting