Crown Royal's - Profile page 3 months Post Op!

Posted :10/26/2008

Hey guys I'm actually a week out from reaching the 3 month stage but now was a good time to wash the concealer out and take some pics.
Well, not much different from month 2 :-)
I know that 3 months is super early and the doldrums still have more time, but it is hard not to be nervous and worried. I will say that I can kind of see some of my native hair in the crown coming back slightly since Dr. Feller shaved it all the way down 3 months ago. I still have pimples as you can see on the crown. Is that normal? How long will they last? You can also see how the shock loss on the sides really reveals the scar. I'm hoping this grows in in a few months and the scar fades more.
I have complete faith and confidence that everything will be fine by sometime next year, but it is really tough to wait. But then again, I'm preaching to the doldrums choir :-)
P.S. - Apologies that some of the dermatch wasn't fully washed out in some of the pics!
I'm hoping months 4, 5 and 6 will show a little more promise, but I know that crowns are typically slow