Ringo's - Profile page visit to Dr Feller

Posted :10/29/2008

Today I visited Dr Feller in Great Neck NY. I can only say "Wow!".
His staff was friendly and relaxed, with a sort of family-like
atmosphere. The office is pretty simple: no shots of all the ex
football players who are endorsing him, in fact, no glamor or
self-aggrandizing at all. A relief after MHR on Central Park South. He
came in and took a look at my head and at my profile sheet. He is
familiar with Dr M, who performed my first procedure. He was very
confident about repairing my hairline and bringing my density up to
where I want it to be. He was very encouraging and passionate about his
work. He ushered me into the room where today's patient was having his hair transplant so that I could have a quick look at the work and the gals doing it.
I was very impressed with how densely he packs the new hairs. Back in
the office, he showed me examples of the instruments he uses to make
the incisions, and I was surprised to see that the blade is about 1/4
the size of the ones used at MHR, which means smaller incisions, and
quicker healing time, less swelling and more density. Dr. Feller then
took me into his office and showed me photos of work he had done on
guys with similar situations to mine. Again, I was pretty amazed. This
man knows his stuff. He has a sense of humor, and does not hand you a
line of crap. Again, what a difference. My only disappointment is that
I could not get an appointment until mid February, because I am eager
to see what he can do for me. I also hoped that I would not have to
shave my head, but what the hell. If it makes it easier for the Dr to
do a great job, I am willing to do it. Price-wise he is up front and
fair, coming in lower than MHR, and they were giving me a "special"
price. I have to thank Bill and this community for giving me a place to
research this procedure. If you were not here, think about how many
more men and women would be victimized by the hair mills! And maybe how
many times I would have continued to be... Thanks also to Dr Feller for
his generous posts here. I feel more confident already.