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Posted :11/13/2008

3-months-post-op - crown after 5 mths propecia no

Crown after 5 mths on propecia (no grafts in crown area)

3-months-post-op - 3 months post op. - with nanogen

3 months post op. - WITH NANOGEN (I love the stuff!)

3-months-post-op - crown pre - propecia

Crown pre - propecia

3-months-post-op - 3 months post-op - early days looking

3 Months Post-op - early days! looking forward to the next 3 months

As can be expected at this stage little growth from the hair transplant itself.

The Propecia which I have been taking for 5 months does appear to have revived a little of the crown hair.

I have also included a pitcure taken with Nanogen (I am always amazed how effective it is).

I have not suffered any "doldrums", after about five weeks I had pretty much returned to my pre-HT position (a little red in recipient area but only people aware of HTs would notice / guess). The waiting game is not a problem, just looking forward to seeing the results over the next few months.