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Posted :11/18/2008

Hey folksLet me get right to the brass tacks here. I wanted to tackle my hair loss while I was relatively young and still had a foundation to work with, so I went for it. I did so at the behest of my friend Brian, who encouraged me to go see Dr. H Rahal after I confided in him that I was considering having it done and was looking into the local hair restoration "scene". All I can say is that I was already 80% sold on Dr. Rahal after Brian admitted to me that he had gone through the procedure with Dr. Rahal as his surgeon, and by looking at Brian you wouldn't have suspected. Sure enough, Brian is featured in Dr. Rahal's literature, and there in black and white (and colour photos too!) was the evidence that Brain was once where i was. I had the procedure done on November 10th, 2008, and it lasted about 7 hours (8am-3pm). Dr. Rahal and his staff couldn't have made me feel more comfortable; the clinic is akin to a spa, with warm colours and calming mood. The technicians are friendly and inviting, and Dr. Rahal himself possesses a confident and astute character that is pleasantly disarming and relaxing. The goal of this journal is not to provide a testimonial per say, but a chronicle of my progress post-surgery, a record of sorts that I can keep not just with myself, but with others so that they may share in what I characterize as an incredibly positive experience in my life.

the first one - this photo was taken pre-surgery it

This photo was taken pre-surgery; it shows the initial markings Dr. Rahal made, as to where the hair would be placed.

the first one - same pre-op photo different angle.

Same pre-op photo, different angle. That's a big forehead!!

the first one - blam after 7 hours what your looking

Blam! After 7 hours, what your looking at is about 3200 minute grafts, representing about 9500 hairs. A very intricate and thorough job.