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Posted :9/23/2008

Eman's journey begins...

Left Chicago on Tuesday for Ottawa (I attached the pic of my girlfriend and I at the airport), arrivedataround two and went in to Dr. Rahal's office for my pre-op consultation the day before surgery. Prior to meeting with Dr. Rahal I had spoken to him twice, once for the phone consult (I attached those ugly pics for everyone to review) and once when calling the office to speak with Adrian. We reviewed the procedure, began the design of my hairline, and I asked an extensive list of questions I had. Not once did I feel pressured or hurried and all of my questions were thoroughly answered. Dr. Rahal is extremely patient and took as much time as I needed. At this point my excitement grew as did my nervousness (it's just my nature).

Oh, I got to meet Adrian as well and he is just as friendly, easy-going, personable, and knowledgeable in person and his hair looks GREAT!! Following my meeting with Dr. Rahal, I was able to meet the patient of the day from Denmark (Need more hair is his avatar). I spoke with him post op (he was tired but the recipient area looked really good and clean) and I got to see first hand what I would look like the next day (he said he will be posting pics for all of us). Following my talk with Need more hair, Dr. Rahal drove me to downtown Ottawa (I appreciate the ride Dr. Rahal!), so I could do a little sight seeing. Ottawa is a nice little city, with lots of diversity, history and good restaurants. I also began getting cold feet over having the procedure the next day (again, part of my nature).

Got back to Adam's Inn and took an Ambien CR (I borrowed one (ok- not quite the right word) from a friend of mine) around nine or so and had a great night sleep. Woke up, took a nice long shower and walked from Adam's Airport Inn to Dr. Rahal's office—yes, I walked!! Wanted to stretch my legs before sitting in the chair all day. At this point the nerves were gone thanks to sleep and talks with my girlfriend. I was definitely excited!!

Dr. Rahal met with me and answered more of my questions and designed my hairline with some of my input (he truly is an artist) at around seven. Took some meds, drank some gatorade, got in the chair and Dr. Rahal began with the strip. A bunch of freezing shots later (little stings at most) and Dr. Rahal began removing the strip. To be honest I really didn't feel or hear anything with the strip removal. Once removed, the cutting began. I think there were about seven techs cutting the hairs out of the strip. Dr. Rahal began his artistry by making incisions for over two hours, again I really didn't feel or hear much of anything. All along there was the nurse Alana (sp?) working along with the doctor and techs making sure I was doing well (thanks!). Then around five techs at one time began transplanting the hairs. As the freezing wore off, Dr. Rahal would give more shots and diligently work with the techs to make sure everything was going according to his plan. The team of planters changed constantly throughout the day, so there was always fresh techs working on my head.

A few hours of great music, a break, a movie, lunch break, second movie, a break, third movie, a final break, a couple of more incisions, some clean up and I was done. 4278 grafts, ten hours later and I was done...super excited, exhausted, but done. I cannot thank everyone in the office enough from Adrian, Dr. Rahal, Alana, and all the techs...THANK YOU. I was comfortable, cared for, monitoredatall times. The amount of work and the diligence and thoroughness of everyone was amazing.

Dinner was provided and I got a ride to the hotel from Dr. Rahal (it was a kind gesture and shows his patient first mentality) . Sleep the first night was a little rough. In and out of sleep all night, but I did sleep. I met up with Need more hair in the morning and we took a cab together to Dr. Rahal's office for my post-op check up and instructions. I got to meet with Dr. Rahal and take the bandages off and review his work on my very large dome...it was AWESOME to see. The design and cleanliness of the whole area amazed me. He gave me more instructions, gave me my drug gift basket, put some vitamin E on the recipient site and the standard blue cap. I had more questions (surprise, surprise) that Dr Rahal answered. I got to meet tommyf, while he was in the chair and he was doing well and looking good (he will be positng as well).

Customs going home was a piece of cake. Customs coming in to Canada reminded me of going into East Germany as a kid...sheesh!?! Tough, but leaving was easy, so no one needs to worry. Flight was no problemo. I took my first shower, posted some pics for you all, wrote up my story, and now you have it.

I will post up the pics taken by Dr. Rahal when he sends them to me. If anyone wants to talk, pm me or meet up, I have the time and would love to answer any questions. And of course, I will keep everyone updated.

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU again to Dr. Rahal and the ENTIRE STAFF (xie xie)!!!!!!

day before day surgery - doctor rahals pics- pre right.

Doctor Rahal's Pics- Pre Right. Look at the size of my melon--it's HUGE!

day before day surgery - doctor rahals pics- pre left.

Doctor Rahal's Pics- Pre Left. I am surprised I don't have my own solar system revolving around my head.

day before day surgery - doctor rahals pics- pre top.

Doctor Rahal's Pics- Pre Top. Nice and tan and blonde lack of hair.

day before day surgery - day before at airport with

Day before at the airport with my girlfriend...a little nervous!

day before day surgery - doctor rahals pics- shaved

Doctor Rahal's Pics- Shaved Donor. About ready for surgery...the numbing process is about to begin.

day before day surgery - doctor rahals pics- pre drawing.

Doctor Rahal's Pics- Pre Drawing. I could not of drawn it better myself--the artistry of Rahal has begun.