Eman's - Profile page Day 21

Posted :10/15/2008

At the two week mark I went to Dr. Konior's office to have my sutures removed. A super friendly tech did the actual removal of the sutures and Dr. Konior came in to have a look. I had a chance to speak with the doctor for a while and must say Dr. Konior is an incredibly friendly and personable guy. I also had a chance to meet Tom (office manager/consultant I believe). SO, I want send a huge GRACIAS to Dr. Konior, the tech (Jopi sp?), and Tom for removing my sutures, FREE of charge. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I have hit the 3-week mark!! The crusts are all gone...finally. Dr. Rahal's instructions are more conservative than a lot of the doctors out there, so the crusts took a little longer to come off.

I shaved my head down to a number 2 clip and it feels and looks ten times better. I am still showering my head with a cup and baby shampoo, but doing a little massaging with some natural conditioner. I began applying Rogaine Foam 5% in the morning and night, and apply natural aloe during the day to the recipient area and the scar. The shed has begun. The shed looks like fallen trees in a forest, as some of the grafts are still kind of growing.

As you can see, the scar is visible due to shaving down, but feel in a few weeks the existing hair should moderately hide it. The recipient area is a little pink, but is diminishing each day.

day 21 - day 21- right. the scar is showing through

Day 21- Right. The scar is showing through, but excited about the future hairline.

day 21 - day 21- left. you can see temple work hairline

Day 21- Left. You can see the temple work and the hairline, before it all falls out.

day 21 - day 21- top. you can see little pink diminishing

Day 21- Top. You can see a little pink (diminishing day by day), healing well I think

day 21 - day 21- front. shaved to number 2 clip showered

Day 21- Front. Shaved to a number 2 clip, showered, rogaine foam applied...ready to go out in public.

day 21 - day 21- back. i think in about another month

Day 21- Back. I think in about another month when my existing hair grows out, the scar should almost be hidden