Predator's - Profile page 3.5 months

Posted :12/11/2008

Gives a general Idea of the look at 3.5 Months

3.5 months - dry with hairspray sort filling down

Dry with hairspray sort of filling down from above. Sort of cheating style I used before but no worse

3.5 months - i like way hair is thickening above

I like the way the hair is thickening from above

3.5 months - so this is how i wear my hair at 3.5

So this is how I wear my Hair at 3.5 Months. There has been some nice growth. Wonder how it goes on

3.5 months - on left filing in is good. the right

On the left the filing in is good. The right is hanging back, but actually, quite a lot seems to be happening.