phoneguy's - Profile page 8 month post-op pics

Posted :1/7/2009

I really didn't want to do another post until my 9th month, BUT, months 7 and 8 have been very good to me.  For all those who talked about major growth in the 5-6 month time-frame, I sat back and wondered what the hell was going on.  This post is for all of us who experience slow, deliberate growth over several months.  I do think that, on hair transplants where the individual already has alot of native hair, it takes longer to "see" the actually growth because the transplanted hair is hidden amongest all the other native hairs.  That said, I've really had some good growth during these past two months.  I'm actually now able to part my hair and style it with it looking totally natural.  I just hope the next 4 months continue this same trend as the transplanted hairs continue to become stronger with larger shaft density.  This combination will hopefully result in even more coverage/density.  Hope you enjoy my 8 month pics.  It's great to be Cooleyfied!  Here's to 2009!  

Left-side hairline filling in nicely. I hope to see more improvement in this area over the next 4 months.

Not alot of additional growth on the right-side hairline. Nice, natural look though.

Front view with hair parted on the left-side.

This was actually taken at the 7 1/2 month point when my hair was a little longer. Notice the strengthening of the frontal hairline.

Top view continues to fill in. I expect to see some more progress here as the transplanted hairs continue to strengthen and blend with the native hairs.