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Posted :1/8/2009

My first surgery was with Dr. Cohen of Fairfield, CT. Overall I was very pleased with the results. He only put in 1,500 grafts less than half the grafts Dr. Feller did which was 3,200 on my 2nd HT procedure and look at the results just from this first procedure of only 1,500 grafts.
It was my 2nd procedure with Dr. Feller that I was unhappy with the results given I had a meggasession of 3,200 grafts. I cannot understand why only 1,500 grafts from Dr. Cohen yielded such a great result and when I had the 2nd procedure done by Dr. Feller of 3,200 grafts my entire crown area is no better than prior to the procedure with Dr. Feller.
I am not suggesting Dr Feller is not a good Dr. but I would like to understand why the results were just not there for the crown area. The front area was ok, but not where I felt it should have been given my first procedure with Cohen and considering Feller did more than double the grafts.
If you look at where I started before my 1 st procedure and what Cohen did with 1,500 grafts and you look at the final result from HT 1, the resutls are very, very good.
When you take into consideration that Feller did 3,200 grafts and concentrated in the crown area and the mid section of the front the results were very poor in the crown and ok at best in the middle area.

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery -

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery -

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery - crown area.

Crown area. Photo taken day of surgery with Cohen, November 2, 2006

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery - front area.

Front area. Photo taken November 2, 2006 day of surgery by Cohen

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery - post op left

Post op left front after surgery, November 2, 2006

ht-#-1-dr-cohen-before-&-after-surgery - november

November 2, 2006 post op picture day of surgery.