Riggs's - Profile page HT # 1 Dr Cohen 6 & 7 Months

Posted :1/8/2009

HT # 1 Dr Cohen 6 & 7 Month markers

7 month Front shot taken 5-24-2007, just another angle

6 month Mark Top view

Taken on 5-2-2007 6 month crown area. As you can see this area is almost bald and was almsot completely bald when I began. After the 5 mon th marker there is some hair starting to grown. But if you compare this to the 1 year photo of January 2009 and 3,200 graft Feller put in there is no improvement for putting in 3,200 grafts in this area. And this picture illustrates that no shock loss could have happened with Feller because ther was no hair in this area to begin with.

7 Month photo

6 month left side