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Posted :1/8/2009

The results are fantastic at 11 months with Dr. Cohen, remember I only had 1,500 grafts and I was a Norwood 5A.
I am just trying to figure out why my 2nd procedure did not yield close to the results that my first procedure yielded. Feller did twice as many grafts as Cohen.
I know Feller is a quality Dr. from all the blog readings, though I do take up issue with trying to get a hold him. I tried for over 4 months to get a hold of him, without any return phone calls. I expained my situation to Marcia (very nice person and sympathetic), she told me she put the photos on his desk. I emailed Feller many times and copied Marcia as well. Dr Feller told me via an email he could not open my pictures and did not get my emails. Even if that were the case what is the excuse for not returning phone calls I left for him over a 4 month stretch of time? I called Marcia and asked if Feller recieved my photos and phone calls and she said yes.
The only way I got Feller to respond was for me to set up an appointment which I have for January 16, 2009 and I still have not spoken to him over the phone. We will see what he has to say when I see him. I beleive him to be an honorable guy and hopefully honest about what went wrong. LEts see what happens. I will report back my finding after I meet with him.

11 months front view again.

ht # 1 dr cohen 11 months - crown with flash not bad

Crown with a FLASH not bad! Compare this photo with the 11 1/2 month results from Dr Feller. My crown actually got worse and remember there was practically no hair in my crown to begin with so we cannot say this was from shock loss in the cown.

ht # 1 dr cohen 11 months - another photo after 11

Another photo after 11 months of the crown, again excellent results for only 1,500 grafts considering I practically had little to no hair in the crown.

ht # 1 dr cohen 11 months - cohen 11 month front.

Cohen 11 month Front. Look at my photos before any HT was done, quite remarkable for only 1,500 grafts.

ht # 1 dr cohen 11 months - 11 month side view with

11 month Side view with Dr Cohen