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Posted :1/8/2009

This is the beginning of my 2nd HT. 1st Procedure was with Dr. Cohen (1,500 grafts, this 2nd procedure was with Dr. Feller 3,200 grafts). January 22, 2009 photos taken by Dr. Feller day of procedure.

ht-#-2-dr-feller-pre-&-post-op-pictures - crown area

Crown area Post Op right after procedure

ht-#-2-dr-feller-pre-&-post-op-pictures - january

January 22, 2008 before procedure. Dr Feller took this photo seperating out most of the existing hair from HT # 1 with Dr Cohen and some of the natural hair. Our goal was to fill in the middle area and the crown.

ht-#-2-dr-feller-pre-&-post-op-pictures - top view

Top view before the procedure January 22, 2008

ht-#-2-dr-feller-pre-&-post-op-pictures - january

January 22, 2009 Post OP Front.

ht-#-2-dr-feller-pre-&-post-op-pictures - shaved area

Shaved area before procedure. We can see the concentration of the area Dr Feller was about to fill in. Look at the crown area he has planned out. With 3,200 grafts and an already 1,500 grafts concentrated in these areas from HT # 1 with Dr Cohen this area of the crown should be pretty much fileld in. But when you compare the 1 year photo results January 2008 vs January 2009, there is little improvement. And remember I had practically no crown hair when I first began with Dr Cohen, so one cannot make the arguement that I had pre-existing hair and it fell out in HT # 2 due to shock loss. The only hair that was there was HT # 1 from Dr Cohen. Dr. Feller was improving upon the thickness of where Dr Cohen left off.