Predator's - Profile page 4.5 Months

Posted :1/11/2009

I was going to leave it until 5 months to do an update but I found my hair looked pretty good today- Not always the case
What I find positive is that the hairline "Flows into itsself" in a way I never had since I was a kid. Not sure what the final result will be but I'm cautiously optimistic- Actually F**kin pleased :-)
Bear in Mind these are the good shots, closer examination of the hairline on the left and right does paint a more conservative picture. The grafts now for a part of the style, but they are to thin to give more than a "corn dolly" look as you can see on closer examination of photo 1 left. i still have a long way to go

4.5 months - not much happening right

Not much happening on the right

4.5 months - a little bit more thickeness left would

A little bit more thickeness on the left would be good

4.5 months - outside no flash damn cold

Outside No Flash Damn Cold

4.5 months - inside low light brushed back. the andy

Inside low light brushed back. The Andy Garcia look, but it is deceptive, not half as thick as it looks. Stil I never styled my hair like this since was 16

4.5 months - here you see status left side. this area

Here you see the status of the left side. This area need to thicken up before an all weather style is possible without cover ups- Strong light no flash

4.5 months - brushed back to show hairline fall. againit

Brushed back to show the hairline fall. Againit looks better than it is