Eman's - Profile page 3-Months: Ouside

Posted :12/24/2008

I am now at the vaunted 3-month mark, which is hopefully the beginning of the turning point from the stage known as the doldrums.

Some observations at this point:
1. Pimples- they are the bane of my existence right now. I feel like a teenager again when I look at the top of my head and find annoying white heads that hurt too (insult to injury)…my hormones must be going crazy and I am 34!?!

2. Shockloss- is prevalent at the top ends of the scar on both sides of my head. I have been keeping my hair at a #3-clip and got a little too brazen one day and used a #2-clip on the bottom half of my head to “blend” the haircut…it just made the shockloss all that more noticeable

3. The scar- I have been applying vitamin e oil about three times a week to help with healing and it feels good too. It is not all that noticeable with the current haircut, but if you are seated and I am standing or you are a foot shorter than me and look up at the back of my head the scar is clearly noticeable when shaved down to a #2-clip.

4. The recipient area- my girlfriend tells me she is beginning to see what she calls little “sprouties”. Isn’t that a cute word! At least there is some growth according to her. The recipient area is still dry due to applying Rogaine Foam, shampooing (every other day) and the chlorine that Chicago adds to our water, but the color is pretty much back to normal except in bad fluorescent light.

Funny story, I was in the car with my girlfriend and two of my sisters where in the back seat when one asked if I was balding (she knows I am balding-DUH!!). So, I asked what she meant and she pointed to the scar area and said there were two little “balding” spots—she was not talking about the crown either (thank goodness!). I just laughed it off and nothing else was said, but it shows that the shockloss is noticeable. Oh and the same sister said I was looking a little like a Chia-Head. The pictures really don’t do justice right now.

Overall, I am content at this stage, I feel I am right where I should be, and really ready to see some serious growth (I know it is still early). I don’t wear hats out to social functions anymore—YAY!! And now I call myself Chia-Head

3-months ouside - 3-months outside- back doesnt look

3-Months Outside- Back; Doesn't look like any balding from the back of my head!

3-months ouside - 3-months outside- front starting

3-Months Outside- Front; Starting to see those "sprouties"!

3-months ouside - 3-months outside- left you can see

3-Months Outside- Left; You can see some of the shockloss I talk about.

3-months ouside - 3-months outside- top still little

3-Months Outside- Top; Still a little dry and pink (in certain light), and this pic according to my girlfriend is NOT representative of how my crown looks due to the hair being a tad wet.

3-months ouside - 3-months outside- right look at

3-Months Outside- Right; Look at those chops...yes, I am a tough guy!?