Eman's - Profile page 3-Months + 1-week Shaved

Posted :12/30/2008

Added 7 new pics for the New Year.  I shaved my head down with my new clippers I got for Christmas and I think that the #3-clip is more equivalent to my old #2. I did the shave down on Tuesday, the day before New Year's eve and was not pleased to be able to see the scar as I had a pre-party at my place last night and then have a wedding this saturday.

The pictures were taken today. Take a look at the profile shots...love them sprouties. The pic of the top looks more full when shaved (and dry), go figure. There is one poor quality pic looking up which shows how much the scar is visible. I am 6'4 and wanted to show you what people seated or shorter than me see.

Enjoy the chops I have grown!

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Back; You can kind of make out the scar at this clip level.

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Scar; Looking up, you can kind of make out the scar (sorry for the poor quality)

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Front; Front view with it shaved down to a supposed #3-clip (new clippers).

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Left; You can see the sprouties here and the shockloss in the donor area (again, shaved down)

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Top; This is how it looks shaved, fuller than the picture from last week.

3-Months + 1-week Shaved- Right; Another good profile view...me likey!