Robert's - Profile page 4 - 7/2/2004

Posted :12/26/2005

2 weeks post-op

Just got back in the house from having the stitches removed. Oddly enough, this was the most pain I have had the entire time, and it wasnt bad at all. Just some pulling sensation, really. I talked to Dr. Cooley for quite a bit. I'll be going back in 3 weeks from now and about every month thereafter for new pics and such.  Other than a slightly dry scalp, which he recommended a shampoo for, everything is going great. I still cant work out to any great extent for another 2 weeks or so, but I can do some light running and lifting if i wanted to. Im thinking Ill be lazy for 2 more weeks. Wouldn't hurt much, right? 

While Dr. Cooley was cleaning up the recipient area with some gauze, some of the hairs were coming out and he showed them to me. Im actually kind of relieved that they are falling out. It means progress. Call me crazy, i know...