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Posted :1/24/2009

Eman’s 4-Month UPDATE: The Fun Has Begun!!

I have finally taken a step out of the doldrums stage or maybe jumped out of it all together. I am officially “sprouting”. The difference in my recipient area between 3-months and 4-months is definitely noticeable—I am holding in my excitement for the months to come. I am beginning to have a defined hairline, something that has been missing for almost ten years. And the recipient area is beginning to fill in nicely.

These are exciting times. Last update I gave you some thoughts, this time some experiences:
1. My dad still says I am “Hairing” (a verb) every time I see him.
2. My mom’s eyes widen and she is like “Wow, you need to continue doing whatever it is you are doing!”
3. My sisters cannot believe it every time we go out.
*Remember, my family does not know. I have simply told them that I began taking finasteride and minoxidil.

4. The girlfriend chides me every time I wear a hat to the gym saying “People are going to know you did something if you don’t stop wearing a hat there.” A comment which has nothing to do with the scar.
5. Friends are saying my hair is looking thicker and asking what I am doing differently. And one buddy said he can see a solid hairline. Some simply stare in disbelief.
*Again these friends only know that I got on those two drugs and I have not ask them if they notice anything different. These are all un-solicited comments!

As opposed to the first three months, the last month flew by. When you start seeing growth and people start complementing without me asking or saying anything, it feels really good and time no longer stands still. And I know that it is still really early in my journey!!

Just a week ago I shaved my head down to a #2-clip (yes, the scar is visible at that clip) and trimmed the recipient with scissors. This cut gives me a buzzed look that I like at this stage. I will let my hair grow out now that the recipient is beginning to fill in, which should really begin to show the growth I am experiencing.

Like I said, the fun has begun.

4-months outside - four months outside- front starting

Four Months Outside- Front; Starting to frame my ugly mug!

4-months outside - four months outside- top i still

Four Months Outside- Top; I still don't like the top down pics. A little pinkness but who cares, I am 6'4!

4-months outside - four months outside- front i liked

Four Months Outside- Front; I liked the first pic so much that I wanted to show a second...look at that hairline!!

4-months outside - four months outside- back little

Four Months Outside- Back; Little bit of a hat head still, again due to the short hair cut.

4-months outside - four months outside- right hair

Four Months Outside- Right; Hair is really starting to grow.

4-months outside - four months outside- left starting

Four Months Outside- Left; Starting to really like the profile shots. You can see the scar due to the short hair cut.