latinlotus's - Profile page Finasteride result after 14 months

Posted :2/3/2009

Before and after 14 months of usage of Finasteride (Proscar). I can now see a definite improvement at the crown. I am glad to not touch the crown during my hair transplant. No side effects either, not that i expect any anyway. Note that at the one year mark of usage of finasteride, i did not see much change. Being patient is everything.

I believe there are some regrowth (as a result of finasteride) at the temples as well. However, it is difficult to see the difference on a picture. In any case, I am hoping/expecting significant growth at the temples from the HT in the next few months...that can be seen in a picture!

You can upload my before and after movie (36 seconds) at you tube:

Before and after 14 months, with flash.

Before and after 14 months, no flash.