Petchski's - Profile page 1 month pics

Posted :2/23/2009

Right, finally at 1 month and I'd say definitely in the doldrums. My native hair is starting to grow back, but I'm finding it hard to tell if I have shock loss or not, as the hair is still very short, so I look massively receded. Don't think I'm going to be back to baseline till month 3+

Most of my grafts have fallen by now and in the pics I have applied some emu oil and folligen, which I have just received in the post. My recipient area is getting a bit dry from the minoxidil, and I think this will really help as it's very greasy, full of lipids that are good for the skin and a known anti inflammmatory. The Folligen has copper peptides which are good for regeneration and helping the follicules become stronger. I believe there is scientific evidence for the use of cp's (graftcyte) for bringing on earlier growth and healing.

In public I'm still wearing a hat, I take it off around friends, family and girlfriend, as I've explained to them I have seborrhoeic dermatitis to explain my hair.