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Posted :2/26/2009

Hi Guys,
Ok so just got home from Dr Rahal`s and decided to show yall my pics asap. Dr Rahal was very happy with my progress and gave me the reassurance that everything was on target. I was initially just going to meet with my family doctor but decided to get the pro`s opinion plus i left my hat at Dr Rahals during the operation and it was my lucky hat
Anyhow, Faith and Allanah (think thats how you spell her name) came in to take out my stitches. Both are extremely nice and if they ever read this thanks again for everything you two! As for any pain taking the stitches out - not really - a little tingle here and there but nothing much. In fact it was a relief to get them out.
So here are the pics, my scabs are still there...should be falling out within the next week or so. Im going to start rogaine next week too just need to get my hands on some Foam 5%. Have a look yall and tell what you think...
Happy combing yall! lol!!