Abedogg's - Profile page Day 9 Update

Posted :2/26/2009

At Day 7 almost all of my scabs came off. I've attached some pics, many very close up. I'm currently happy. I think the right side is a little sparser than the left and there seems to be less nape hair placed horizontally on the right hairline. However, I'm not stressed, I think it will look for a natural, not perfect hairline - or I hope at least.

day 9 update - close up left side. notice all nape

Close up left side. notice all the nape hairs at the hairline.

day 9 update - super close front

Super close front

day 9 update - l side.

L side.

day 9 update - r side day 9 super close - i feel this

R side Day 9 super close - I feel this side is a little weaker at the front where I don't see as much nape hair as you can see on the left below.

day 9 update - right side

Right side

day 9 update - font close up

Font Close up