Acrobaz's - Profile page Immediately post-op

Posted :2/17/2009

I had a reasonably dense donor area and therefore Dr Feller was able to harvest 3,200 FUs rather than 2,700 FUs. We used the extra FUs to work back a bit further towards my crown and away from the hairline.

We went for a more mature hairline (rather than simply lowering it to where it once was), with a slight curve down at the ends, and reinforced the front third. I have some vestigial wisps of hair from my youthful hairline; you can see them best in the 'before' photos, and they were shaved off as part of the HT procedure. When they grow back, I'm hoping that they will reinforce the 'natural hairline' look.

These pics remind me of the scalping of O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill Volume 1 ...