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Posted :2/20/2009

Now the doldrum...After doing lots of research and reading through many many weblogs, I was prepared for the long wait for the hairs to grow. At the three month mark, i should not expect much growth, if any, as it is still very early. Even then, the waiting is really not easy. There is always this doubt in my head that the grafts may not grow. But so far, i have seen some small, fine growths. Although difficult to see in the photos, I can easily distinguish them because they are not growing the in the same direction as I direction I comb the native hairs. It is all normal, as I would expect to comb/train these implanted graft for at least a few months because they can follow the direction of the native hair.

A couple of pimples here and there at the recipient as well as at the donor indicate the hair is getting back into life!

As for the scar, shock loss is no longer a concern to me. It is also faded quite a bit since last month. No sign of scar stretch either. I guess the scalp exercise (about 20 minutes per day for 1 month before hair transplant) was helpful. I have no doubt that it will be very difficult to detect the scar a few months from now.

month 3 - temple left

temple left

month 3 - scar left

scar left

month 3 - scar right

scar right

month 3 - front hairline

front hairline

month 3 - scar center

scar center

month 3 - temple right

temple right