Acrobaz's - Profile page 12 days post-op

Posted :3/1/2009

The day the staples came out! I have also buzzed my hair down to even out the look. The next few pictures were taken in daylight, no flash. The two at the bottom were taken inside, with a flash.

I had been concerned about the removing the staples but, in the end, it was ok - my wife did it.
Details can be found here (and it is 90% true!).

12 days post-op - donor area - rear view. no shock

Donor area - rear view. No shock loss thankfully and the hair is continuing to grow back through the strip. No irritation or itching so far, and the tightness is beginning to recede. I have now started using Vitamin E oil, which is responsible for the darker waxed look of the hairs beneath the line.

12 days post-op - recipient area right. inside with

Recipient area, from the right. Inside, with flash.

12 days post-op - donor area - right hand side. incidentally

Donor area - from right hand side. Incidentally, the area about 5cm from the end of the scar line is not redder or balder for any reason connected to the hair transplant procedure. I had a nasty wart frozen off from there with liquid nitrogen a couple of years ago, and it has remained redder and balder ever since. Otherwise, this is a good angle for seeing just how thin and clean the line is.

12 days post-op - recipient area left. inside with

Recipient area, from the left. Inside, with flash. If I had seen this look on someone else, I would have had no idea that the front third comprised mostly transplanted hair. To be able to say that at 12 days in makes me very happy!

12 days post-op - recipient area. the redness has

Recipient area. The redness has mostly gone already! I'm really happy about that. My forelock is beginning to grow back between the grafts.

12 days post-op - donor area - left hand side. note

Donor area - from left hand side. Note the uniform hair direction of my normal hair and the transplanted hair (in the front third). I read enough about hair transplant procedures prior to seeing Dr Feller to realise that this is something the hair mills usually get wrong!