NCHTJC's - Profile page Day 15 suture removal with Dr. Limmer

Posted :3/4/2009

I had intended to leave my sutures in until Day 21 but the area was becoming mildly inflamed and irritated and I thought leaving them in any longer would be counter-productive.  Dr. Cooley referred me to the Limmer practice in San Antonio for suture removal.  They have a good reputation as well on these websites.  Of the four Dr. Limmers at the practice, I believe I spoke with the oldest son.  He looked at everything and said things were healing great.  He was very friendly and didn't charge me for the suture removal.  I've read a lot of good things about their work as well. 
Nothing of consequence to report on the hair line that you'll see in a picture but I'll post as things progress.  I have had a mild numbing sensation in the middle of my forehead where the grafts were placed.  It's comparable to a limb falling asleep but I'm only aware of it when I press the area while shampooing.  It seems to be fading.  I've continued to lose roughly the same number of implanted hairs each day since day 11 - maybe 15/day that I notice in the shower.