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Posted :3/11/2009

March 4 I had 2300 grafts with Dr Feller, mostly ones and twos.  He did the operation in less time than MHR by aobut two hours.  His team is amazing.  Dr Feller thinks that MHR may have only done around 900 grafts, and not the 1774 I paid for, but there is no way tp prove this at this point, so it is water under the bridge.  I am healing well, taking MSM and spraying aloe on my head and scar for discomfort and to keep the area hydrated.  Dr Feller did not recommend this, but I am listening to spex here.  Makes me feel as if I am helping the healing process.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - one week left.

One week left.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - one week right.

One week right.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - one week staples right.

One week staples right.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - one week along top. staples

One week along, top. Staples out in two days.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - one week staples back.

One week staples back.

ht-2-with-dr-feller - this is evening my hair transplant.

This is the evening of my hair transplant. I got my 'Let's Get Physical" headband on. My nine year old accidentally cut off a small piece of my left thumb helping to remove the headband. My fault, long story.

I bought an elastic baseball hat to wear in front of customers, and my first customer said she had recently had to wear a hat all the time due to chemotherapy.  Puts it in perspective. 
I am healing well.  Beginning the long wait.  I am very optimistic.