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Posted :2/24/2009

Eman’s Five Month UPDATE: The fun continues…

I think at this point you could say I am in the full growing stage—which is AWESOME and exciting! Even looking in the mirror on a daily basis I notice the subtle changes as the weeks go by. I have kept my promise and not cut my hair at all since about a week before my four month mark. As most of you know, I like to shave down my dome to a 2-clip, but I have refrained from cutting it. I also want to see what my hair looks like as it fills in and at the same time show all of you.

The hair is starting to fill in nicely, it is a little wiry, and uncontrollable (essentially deciding what direction it wants to come in at). There seems to be more and more coverage as the weeks go by, so keeping my fingers crossed that this continues—I know I have a lot more growth and maturation to come. I am also watching some thinner spots and egging more little hairs to pop up in those areas!

What I have noticed is the left side of the hairline sticks up more while the right side falls over on the forehead a little. Got to train these new soldiers!! The scar is non-existent with my hair at this length, so I have not really thought about it. If I continue to grow my hair out I will have to begin to spend money on hair products (rogaine foam serves as hair mousse for me now) and maybe even get a real haircut!?

As a buddy of mine continually states in disbelief “You are no longer the balding guy!” and now says he can no longer make bald jokes (I found them amusing before). My folks and sisters are in disbelief EVERY time I see them. Comments are definitely being made at how different/good my hair looks, along with constant glances to the top of my head when talking with them—I guess my friends really focused on my hair loss even more than I thought, but I take all the comments as a huge compliment. And to be honest, I enjoy every single one of them!!!!

5-months-outside - 5-months outside left starting

5-Months Outside Left: Starting to thicken up.

5-months-outside - 5-months outside right looks little

5-Months Outside Right: Looks a little thinner on this side.

5-months-outside - 5-months outside top you can see

5-Months Outside Top: You can see the transition point to the native hair if you look closely, but looks nice to me!

5-months-outside - 5-months outside back no signs

5-Months Outside Back: No signs of the scar, but you can kind of make out the hat head line still.

5-months-outside - 5-months outside front i have hair

5-Months Outside Front: I have hair on top of my head?! The real deal.