Acrobaz's - Profile page 4 weeks post-op (close-ups)

Posted :3/16/2009

The first three photos were taken inside with flash. The second three photos are close-ups of, respectively, (a) a typical spot (b) the consequences of squeezing one! and (c) the donor scar.

Recipient area, from left.

A different spot after being squeezed. Or a crater on Mars. Take your pick.

Recipient area, from right.

Donor area, close-up, taken with a flash so as to be as visible as possible. This seems to me to be a nice, thin, clean line.

A typical spot. Lovely. I guess this blog is most useful to readers if it is honest! It is also interesting in showing the very first tiny hairs underneath the skin - but a long, long way to go yet.

Donor area.