latinlotus's - Profile page Month 4

Posted :3/20/2009

More growth since month 3. The right temple grew quite well and i can see the hairline slowly being defined. Initially, I think there are about 2 to 3 times more growths when compared to the left temple. However, after discussion with Dr. Cooley, it now looks that the right temple has more growth for simple reason that my right temple has a much larger bald area, and thus more grafts were planted.

Although a bit premature, i added two pics with comparison with pre-hair transplant condition. The cosmetic difference is not yet significant, hopefully it will in the next few months.

Finally, the scar fades some more. Even my wife is having difficulty finding the scar in order to take these pictures. The area of shock loss on the right side of the scar is also decreasing in size.

I notice that taking pictures with no flash shows a much more accurate description, although i need to take a few since the photos usually turn out to be blurry.

Video of my month 4 hairline:
Video of my month 4 scar

month 4 - front with flash

Front with flash

month 4 - right before/after no flash

Right before/after, no flash

month 4 - left with flash

Left with flash

month 4 - scar various angles

Scar various angles

month 4 - left before/after no flash

Left before/after, no flash

month 4 - right with flash

Right with flash