Ringo's - Profile page 3 weeks along

Posted :3/26/2009

Her are some shots at 3 weeks.  Most of what is here is my HT 1 growing back in.  I am still have a half inch strip of shock loss(?) on the right side donor scar, but have been assured by Dr Feller that this is temporary.  The recipient area seems to be returning to normal color much quicker than last time, and although it is tender, seems to be regaining sensation quicker as well.  I had a dream this morning about having a full head of hair.  It felt great.  I think I need a major distraction from this interminable waiting period!

3 weeks along - right 3 weeks

Right 3 weeks

3 weeks along - top 3 weeks no flash

Top 3 weeks no flash

3 weeks along - left 3 weeks

Left 3 weeks

3 weeks along - right donor 3 weeks

right donor 3 weeks

3 weeks along - left donor 3 weeks

left donor 3 weeks