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Posted :3/26/2009

At 2 months post-op, all of my grafts have fallen out and my recipient area is covered in pimples.  I estimate there are 30-40 pimples in the recipient area.  In fact, the pimples are packed so closely together, that they give the appearance of overall scalp redness. 

A month ago, I reported general scalp redness to Dr. Rahal, and he advised me to stop using Rogaine, and to apply Aloe Vera gel.  A few days ago, I emailed new pics to Adrian, and he told me to continue to stay off the Rogaine, continue with the Aloe Vera, and add Polysporin ointment to the pimples.  He said the redness will go away soon.  I hope he's right!

All comments are appreciated.  Thanks.

2 months - scar is now better covered by my growing

Scar is now better covered by my growing native hair

2 months - with flash

With Flash

2 months - no flash - natural light

No Flash - Natural Light

2 months -

2 months - no flash - bathroom light

ive included

No Flash - Bathroom light I've included photos using different types of light: No Flash, Flash, Natural Light.

2 months - no flash - bathroom light

No Flash - Bathroom light