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Posted :4/5/2009

so at 5 months post op, i can say that visually i have noticed very little change. it is still very see-through and scalp is highly visible in almost all situations.
by touching various areas of the recipient area, i can feel stubbles emerging which i guess is some positive signs (at least something is emerging so to say). i got a haircut 3 days back to even things out so it could make a bit of a difference in these pics.
so heres hoping till 6 months post op....
for those who are interested and asked, i am attaching some pics with concelaers on as well. i am using toppik.

ht#25-months-post-op - left


ht#25-months-post-op - top down view

top down view

ht#25-months-post-op - concealer- left

concealer- left

ht#25-months-post-op - right


ht#25-months-post-op - concealer- top

concealer- top

ht#25-months-post-op - concealer- right

concealer- right