folicallychallenged's - Profile page Sorry for the no show!!

Posted :4/19/2009

So! after a few enquires as to my well being over the past few weeks i thought i should report in! First of all apologises to everyone who may have wanted to follow my progress over the past 6 months. I've genuinely been so busy with a new job and other commitments that i have had very little free time to spend on the internet and as a result i don't think i've even looked at a hair transplant site for months. 
So what happened? HT hair started to sprout at around 2 months which was very exciting and progressed nicely until 3.5 months, at which point some heinous shock loss kicked in and all the little weakling follices on my head fell out.  The hair lost through shock loss i believe still hasn't grown back, but transplanted hair at 40% out has grown really well.  I can't wait for the full shubang!!
With the worst of it out of the way i'm extremely happy with my procedure and the way everything has gone, i can't believe 6 months has flown by.
I don't have my camera with me today, but i will make a point of taking and posting some photos next weekend.  Promise :)
Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is good and that i haven't fallen off the map! :)