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Posted :4/26/2009

At 3 months post-op, my recipient area is covered in red dots.  They're not pimples, and they don't come and go after a few days. It's
been like this since week five.  A couple of weeks ago, I sent pics to Dr. Rahal, and he told
me not to worry, that it's just the way I heal, and a sign of hair-growth under the skin.  He did, however, advise me to stop using the minoxidil, and to apply aloe vera gel and polysporine (an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment).

Another 2 weeks go by and not only did the situation no getting any better, it actual got slightly worse.  So I emailed Dr. Rahal more pics, and he told me he was planning to be in my city in a few days, and I could meet up with him so he could look at my scalp in person.

A few days later, I met with Dr. Rahal (in the lobby of his hotel) and he said it
looked like I have a mild case of folliculitis (i.e. infected follicles).  Initially, he said that
although a few of the pimples appear to be infected, the other, 100 or
so, red dots could be just the way I heal. But when I told him that the
red dots STARTED at week 5, he changed his mind and concluded that they
were signs of infected follicles a well.  He prescribed antibiotics in oral and topical form.

After a week of antibiotics, the infection appeared much better,
although about 20% of the redness still remained. Dr. Rahal said this is

3-months-follicle-infection -

3-months-follicle-infection -

3-months-follicle-infection -

3-months-follicle-infection - this pic doesnt show

This pic doesn't show the infection, I just included it to show how I look from this angle.