latinlotus's - Profile page Month 5

Posted :4/21/2009

5 month mark:

I am slowing stepping out of the doldrum. The temples thicken up and the transplanted hair get darker and longer compared with 4 month mark. The hairline is getting more and more defined, but is still very thin. I had more regrowths in the past month, tiny velus hairs, mostly hard to see. On the positive side, I am very pleased with the hairline design and hairs angulation. In
fact, it is very difficult to distinguish between the native hair from the transplanted
hairs. Thus the result so far is very natural.

Coming in the HT, i had 4 concerns:
1) Not having any regrowth - is no longer a concern;
2) Having permanent donor/recipient site shockloss: no longer a concern;
3) A bad scar: no longer a concern;
4) Whether i will have the result up to my satisfaction: it is still yet to be seen, but so far so good.

Although I wished my progress to be faster, and the doldrum is never easy, however I am satisfied with the development so far, considering that i should have many more months of improvement. Wish me luck.

Right side, no flash, natural light

Left side, no flash, natural light

Right side, with flash

Front, no flash, natural light

Left side, no flash, bathroom light

Right side, no flash, bathroom light