Ringo's - Profile page 8 weeks after HT 2

Posted :4/29/2009

All of my 1st HT is growing well.  Lots of Patience and MSM.  It is still too short to use Toppik at less than 10 paces, so still wearing a hat to work.  5 or 6 big pimples in both transplant and non-transplant area, and small ones along donor scar.  Very impatient, no signs of new hair yet.  Scalp color almost normal now.  I wish I had done a more modest hairline.  I have resumed use of minoxidil, as I am noticing more loss in the crown area.  May be causing the pimples in non-transplant area.

8 weeks after ht 2 - left 8 weeks

Left 8 weeks

8 weeks after ht 2 - top 8 weeks

Top 8 weeks

8 weeks after ht 2 - right 8 weeks

Right 8 weeks