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Posted :12/26/2005

17 Months post-op

At 17 months post op, I can honestly say that my life has changed as a result of this procedure with Dr. Cooley.  No longer do I dread events where I cannot wear a ball cap.  No longer am I worried that someone may be staring at me wondering why such a young guy is balding.  Those were the stares that I got when I was as young as 20 years old.  I no longer get them.

My hair line may seem high to some, but that was my cautious approach and Dr. Cooley and I discussed it extensively.  I wanted an even higher hairline, but he convinced me to go down just a bit; about a half inch.

My concern was/is my rapid hair loss at such a young age and rampant male-pattern baldness in my family.  I have been lucky to be a decent responder to medication on my crown.

I am currently taking Avodart .5 mg daily, 5% generic minoxidil applied twice daily, good vitamins, and an attempt to get enough rest, which doesnt always happen but I do what I can.

Dr. Cooley and his staff in Charlotte, NC are absolutely top-notch in every respect and I have no qualms recommending their clinic to anyone considering hair restoration surgery.  I have had nothing short of the most positive experience that could be imagined.

In short, the photos speak for themselves.  I recieved 2,300 grafts to the hairline and forelock.  I am patiently watching my crown grow thicker as time goes by.  I have absolutely no plans for getting grafts placed in the crown area for fear of future loss because of my relatively young age (27).  I may kick around lowering the hair line sometime in the future, but for right now I am happy.

In closing, "Thank you Dr. Cooley!" 

(still a bit thin in the crown so I am still diligent in using minoxidil and Avodart in hopes of filling it in or at least maintaining what I have.  so far, so good!)