Petchski's - Profile page Month 4, 1 week HAIRCUT

Posted :5/27/2009

Okay, had a haircut on my unruly and bushy sides which has made me look a 100 times better and I can really see the growth coming through now. Good to my word here are the photos, which are much better taken than previously and at last show a true reflection of where i'm at right now and what I see when I look in the mirror.Had a grade 5 on the sides and if you look you can see the outline of a line at the back of my head, but my scar is still a little pink and I think i'll be able to go shorter, grade 3 at least when it turns white.Without further ado

month 4 1 week haircut - what it looks like to me

What it looks like to me in the mirror

month 4 1 week haircut -

month 4 1 week haircut - brushed downwards

brushed downwards

month 4 1 week haircut -

month 4 1 week haircut - wet hair/flash

wet hair/flash

month 4 1 week haircut - wet hair flash

wet hair flash

Looking at these photos I feel I'm at the begining of the growth spurt and feeling good about things. The first two months were hardest, you get irrational doubts that none of your grafts will grow, that you'll be in the minority of people with low growth, that I've made a mistake etc.... by the third month I could see a  small amount of growth in a magnified mirror, and things have continued from there since. I think the next two months will be major for me growth wise as I seem to be a pretty early grower so far anyway...