Acrobaz's - Profile page 15 weeks post-op

Posted :6/2/2009

I am now finally starting to emerge from the long waiting period - and there are definitely clear signs of growth in the transplanted area. In fact in certain lighting conditions, the new hairline looks very clear. These pictures, however, were taken in the less forgiving conditions of daylight without flash. The growth is more obvious on the left side than on the right, but I am aware from reading about the experiences of others that such unevenness is a common feature of early-stage growth. The scar is healing very nicely and I have not experienced any ingrowing hairs there for about three weeks now. The spots in the transplanted area have all cleared up too.

15 weeks post-op - its quite revealing to compare

It's quite revealing to compare the top-down forelock picture with the same picture taken at 6 and 10 weeks. There is clearly some thickening up going on.

15 weeks post-op - the first clear signs growth in

The first clear signs of growth in the hairline!

15 weeks post-op - hairline right - this is slower

Hairline from the right - this is the slower growing side.

15 weeks post-op - yay i have hairline i have a hairline

Yay! I have a hairline! I HAVE A HAIRLINE!! Well, nearly.

15 weeks post-op - my hair is currently about clip

My hair is currently about clip 3/clip 4 length, and the scar remains well concealed.