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Posted :6/11/2009

Well, it's hard to believe it has already been 13 months since my hair transplant with Dr. Cooley.  First, let me say I am very satisfied with the final result.  Dr. Cooley did amazing work; the result is very natural.  To any of you who are thinking of getting a procedure, my first advice is to do your homework.  Look at the pics (results) of many patients and focus on those surgeons who consistently produce high-quality work.  Second, remember that getting a hair transplant isn't some kind of miracle cure -- you get what you pay for.  Depending on the texture and thickness of your hair, it may take multiple procedures to get the desired result.  Also be aware that, unless you are totally bald, you will need to take medication to prevent future hair loss to the native hairs surrounding your transplanted hairs.  Otherwise, over time, your transplant will not look nature and you won't be satisified with the results.  Finally, if hair loss is something that bothers you on a daily basis, you can do something to change how you feel about yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Enjoy your life.  You can't take the material things from this life with you when you die.  For that reason alone, I hope each of you get to experience the pleasure of hair transplantation...the thrill that comes with watching those tiny little hairs come in throughout the 12-month journey.  My transplant with Dr. Cooley was my third, and probably last, procedure.  If I had it to do over again I would probably have had two mega sessions instead of opting for lower numbers each time.  Remember:  the sure way to predict the future is to invent it.  Good luck on your hair transplant journey. 

cooleyfied - the final product - top head at 13 months.

Top of head at 13 months. Great work.

cooleyfied - the final product - right side at 13

Right side at 13 months.

cooleyfied - the final product - front view at 13

Front view at 13 months.

Left side at 13 months.

Cooleyfied!  The legend lives on....