Petchski's - Profile page Month 5, 1 week

Posted :6/22/2009

Got somewhat side tracked of late and a bit too busy to update until now. I've really not been paying much attention to my hair and I feel it continues to improve. I've buzzed my hair down to a grade 4 all over to even the hair length. Scar is still a pinkish colour but is well hidden at this length all ready.The transplant has not met its objective as yet as the hairline is not solid enough, and the right side is weaker, which is something I know is common and will improve over time and I still have many months of progress to look forward to yet, so it's all good. These photos show my hair in normal light, natural light and flash, I want my pictures to be an accurate representation of a hair transplant with no cherry picking of photos in dark rooms.

month 5 1 week - natural light

natural light

month 5 1 week - no flash

no flash

month 5 1 week - through mirror

through mirror

month 5 1 week - flash downwards shot

flash downwards shot

month 5 1 week - no flash

no flash

month 5 1 week - natural light i.e window above

natural light, i.e window above