yankeesfan's - Profile page Month 4

Posted :7/9/2009

So I am now at the 4 month mark.   Hair has been growing but I think this is mainly my old hair returning from the shockloss that I had.  It is hard to tell because my pre-op photo's were of me with much longer hair.  Wish I had just shaved my head down to a 2-clip before the surgery so it would be easier to compare.  I included a close up shot of my right temple area which looks to have little hairs starting to come in.  Let me know what you think!

month 4 - hairline


month 4 - right side

Right side

month 4 - comparison hair month 2 to month 4

Comparison of hair from month 2 to month 4

month 4 - left side

Left Side

month 4 - close up right temple area

Close up of right temple area