Rahal_UK_Patient's - Profile page Day 15

Posted :7/24/2009

Sutures out yesterday without a hitch and no pain at all. Nurse was very complimentary about Dr Rahal's suturing and wound closure. She used superlatives like 'wonderful' 'amazing' and 'beautiful' Haha. Sounds good to me! Went to my hairdresser today. We decided the best thing would be to go for a buzz cutt. This is a number 2 all over for you UK guys. First time for me! It still surprises me when I catch a glimpse in the mirror and see a restored hairline. Tremendous!!!It's still obvious I've had work done but only 2 weeks down the line, all in looking very good. Just a shame I have to go backwards before going forward i.e. grafts fall out!
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