AdamB's - Profile page 6 Months Post

Posted :7/28/2009

Sorry to all for not updating as often as i should be i've had a long line of reasons why but i won't bore you with all my personal problems...
I'll just promise to keep it more updated from now on.
So here we are at 6 months, still early days so i'm told but i'm so so happy already people have mentiontioned how good i look, a female friend who begged with me not to get it done said she could now see why i did it and was happy to admit she was wrong and i made the right decision to go ahead because i look great. (she has only known me 2 years or so and i started loosing hair at 18 or so and she said i look so different but in a good way!)
The thing that i'm most happy with is for the first time in over 5 years i can look up and see hair, i can look at my reflection in shop windows and not have to look at my feet all the time, hell sometimes i can even look in the mirror and think "i don't look half bad today!" lol!
At this early stage i want to thank Dr Feller and Spex and the rest of the team i'm so glad i found you all and i'm so glad i found you and you've changed my life forever already and i'm still growing!!!
Alot of people said i was too young to get it done and i shouldn't do it but i can say you were wrong! It's the best thing i've ever done, yes i'll need another when the crown starts to go some more but with some nanogen/HSR on the crown i can now go out be confidence in my apperance and feel happy with the way i look, i've never been more happy and confidence in my body as i am now and it improves every week it seems!
Thanks to you all Especially to Dr Feller, his team, spex and everyone who supported me.
I'll be back with monthly updates from now!!