Rahal_UK_Patient's - Profile page Day 20

Posted :7/29/2009

As you can see, all the scabs are now gone and area looks fine, if a little red. After taking advice from Dr Rahal, I massaged the graft area gently when washing to speed up scab removal. The scabs easily came away, with a good few hairs attached I might add, as expected. As far as I'm aware I have not lost any grafts since the op.I experimented with various concealers for the donor area (dermmatch and nanogen) but after several tries gave up. From afar it was an improvement, but near not so. I'd been in 2 minds whether to use them anyway. Back at work today, and all in a positive experience. Told a few colleagues, while others just thought I'd had a buzz cut. There really is no reason to explain the appearance of either the grafted area or the donor site. I've firmly concluded that I won't waste my time trying to cover up. And answer truthfully if asked questions. I don't need to do anymore than that.