Abedogg's - Profile page 6-Months

Posted :8/27/2009

Attached are my updated photos for 6 months. I cut my hair pretty short. Shorter than I've had it in a long time! And I love it. Things have slowly but surely gotten better.
Small thin hairs are appearing in the front - i think these are the nape hairs.
My right side is still a little thin but I can see it starting to fill in some more.
Most of these photos are outside when its overcast. Hair looks good in these conditions.
One photo is in harsh light and I didn't wash my hair that day, which tends to make it look worse. its my right temple that looks think. It looks bad but I wanted to include it so you had a fair view of everything. The right side, above the ear, is still thin and I hope this will eventually fill in. But frankly, I'm very very happy with where I'm at.

6-months - harsh lighting right side.

harsh lighting on right side.

6-months - left


6-months - top


6-months - right


6-months -