ScottishGuy's - Profile page 2 days post op

Posted :9/5/2009

This shows how things are looking two days post op. My hair was about 1.5 inches long before the op and is wet in the pictures since I've just washed it.

Left side

Top/front view of recipient area.

Right side

Scar right side

Scar back

Scar left side

I'm a bit concerned about the 'scar back' photo. Notice that the area is looking quite bumpy because I think there is a lot of tension there.

A fairly large strip was taken (26 cm2), and I do notice that the scar doesn't extend much towards the left at all (I have a large shaved area there that wasn't touched). I wonder if it would have been better to have a thinner but longer strip?

Comments welcome on the overall look of the work. I'm feeling happy about the recipient area, but a bit worried about the scar.