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Posted :9/24/2009

Many of the grafts have departed now. Hope they won't be away for long. My forelock looks like it is starting to return but I can't yet tell whether there is shockloss or not.I'd really like to look semi normal within a month but I don't know if that's possible. I shaved my hair down to a 4 all over, and will keep doing that for another week or two, then hopefully the native areas that were shaved will blend in properly by that time.

21-days-post-op - again hair below scar is looking

Again, the hair below the scar is looking a bit thin. Even my native hair that wasn't shaved isn't so dense in this area so I wonder if I'll always have to keep my hair quite long here.

21-days-post-op - the scar itself isnt too visible

The scar itself isn't too visible, but the hair growth below the scar is particularly patchy. Some definite signs of shock loss as well. I think there is more redness than this photo indicates (white balance on the camera is a bit crappy).

21-days-post-op - view top. the pinkness is bit annoying

View from the top. The pinkness is a bit annoying at this stage.

21-days-post-op - front view. the forelock should

Front view. The forelock should cover the pinkness in the central area pretty well, but the temple areas are going to be problematic.

Before the procedure I thought I would keep my hair long to cover the work, but the recipient area was just too large. Also, the area shaved around the scar was too difficult to conceal, even with hair that was > 2 inches long.