ScottishGuy's - Profile page 4-weeks-post-op

Posted :10/2/2009

No pictures today (will take some at one month post op tomorrow).I returned home 4 weeks after the procedure, and was quite sorry to leave Canada. One of the silly things that had worried me ever since I started thinking about hair transplants was the flight home and having to remove my hat at security etc in a busy airport. Well, it turned out that I was never asked to remove my hat at all (and the airport wasn't very busy either)!I had spent about half an hour putting concealer on the scar and a little in the forelock to make sure I looked a bit more normal, but there was no need in the end.I wore a hat with a fairly narrow brim and made sure it wasn't obscuring my face so maybe that is why I never had to remove it.At the moment I'm not really thinking about the grafts growing - I just want to look relatively normal as quickly as possible at first. I can wear a hat almost all the time if needed, but I'd prefer to have the option to ditch the hat. That means three things need to happen:1) The hair around the scar needs to get longer to hide any evidence of the procedure2) The redness needs to fade a fair bit from what it is now
3) My forelock needs to grow back without much shockloss and reach grade 4 or 5 length
Possibly I also need the remaining grafts to shed, but I don't really mind if they stick around.